Old gaming rig - How will it perform & Upgrades?

Hey guys! - Didn't know where to place this, so here goes. Please move to correct section if i placed it wrong :-)

I just put together a rig of old parts lying around the house - My requirements were simple: It has to be able to run WoW, LoL, HoN at High settings, and it has to be able to run CS 1.6.
The rig looks like this:

400W PSU
Intel Core Duo 2 1.87 1.86 GHZ
80 GB Maxtor 7200 RPM (System HDD)
250 GB Seagate 7200 RPM (Games etc. HDD)
3 GB DDR2 Kingstom 800 MHZ Ram
Point of View GeForce 8400GS 512MB

My question is: will the 8400GS be able to meet the given requirements? And will the rig in general be able to meet the given requirements? - In case the GFX is the biggest problem, will my PSU be able to run a Point of View GeForce 8800 Ultra 768MB?

Kind Regards - k4tamai
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  1. Noone? damn it D:
  2. weaker cpu + faster card this is not a good couple
  3. Do'h. But.. Theoretically.. Would this work? Even though it would be a huge bottleneck to the PC?
  4. I'd say overclock both your CPU and 8800GS as much as you can without killing anything and see how it goes. The CPU is going to be a huge bottleneck at it's current speed.
  5. It would help if you posted the make of the PSU as there's a world of difference between a quality PSU and a cheap generic one.
  6. The 8400 will get a 3dmark 06 rating of around a 1000 with that cpu. The 8800 will get around 7500 with that CPU. I have a intel core2 1.8 with an 8800gt and it runs pretty good. It runs MW2 on med, black ops and bad company 2 on low.

    Tiger direct had a GTX250 for like 75 with a mail in rebate. I don't think you will get high settings but the system will run those games pretty well.
  7. The 8400gs is not a gaming card. It really will not run any game. It would have trouble running Call of Duty 2 from 2005 on high.
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