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Hey guys, so just set up my new (first build) and am having a few problems.

I have a Msi 880gm-E41 mobo
Amd phenon II x3 720 cpu
Gigabyte Geforce GTX 550ti
PNY 4gb 1600mhz ram
Antec neo eco 450c psu
WD caviar blue 500gb

So i finished putting everything together and turn the computer on and it starts off with the MSI 880gmt page, then goes to
"loading windows files"
it gets to about 10% then shuts off, no restarting or anything. just shuts off.

My concern is that when i purchased me components I thought the Phenom II x3 would come with a heatsink or a cooler but when it arrived there was only the cpu. I checked online and everyone said the stock cooler for the msi mobo would suffice but I dont even think it has one either. I have 2 fans running that o salvaged from some old comps but the chip has to heatsink or cooler. Would this cause the system to crash as it is?
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    That's the problem. You NEED a heatsink and fan for your CPU, or it's going to overheat and shut off the computer as a protective measure
  2. Yeh was pretty thrown off when the cpu came without n e thing liek that.

    Any recommendations on a good cooler that will fit? I tried putting on my old freezer 7 pro but its a clip in and theres no holes for the clips, to be honest im not sure exactly what one ide be looking for
  3. First we need to know the case, because some Heatsink and fans can tend to be quite large and cumbersome and not fit in your system. If you think your computer can take anything then here are 2 suggestions:
    Heatsink + Fan: CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus
    Water cooling: Corsair h50
  4. I have a Beta Evo, and im pretty sure i got quite a bit of room left. I found this one, would this be compatable? its available locally so i could avoid shipping which would be nice.

    Cooler Master Hyper TX3
  5. Yes! That is compatible
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