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Can 2gb ddr2 800mhz ram work with 2gb ddr2 333mhz ram??

i recently bought a 2gb ddr2 800mhz transcend RAM and i have 2gb ddr2 333mhz previously installed ram in my gigabyte mobo according to the software cpu-z. The problem is that they will work together or not since i cant think of replacing them.
plzz help
thanks all!!! :)
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  1. The 2GB of DDR2 800MHz RAM will just run at 333MHz speed.
  2. hey sam_fisher thanks for the help . but according to a site i hardly remember it says that if you upgrade ram to higher frequency more than the one installed on ur motherboard then it gives only 2-3% speed performance.. is it???
    really looking forward to ur reply.
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    If you ever install memory that is of a high frequency, such as in your case, the faster memory will default to the lower memory's speed. You'll get a performance boost out of having the extra 2GB of RAM, but your memory speed won't increase. What Operating System are you running? XP?
  4. windows 7
    so my specs would look like this:
    2gb ddr2 333mhz + 2gb ddr2 800mhz = 4gb ddr2 333mhz
    do i am right???
    if i am right then can i play gta iv. i have nvidia 9400gt palit 1gb gfx card.
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