Intel Core i3 2100 vs Intel Core i3 540 - Help me choose!

I'm gonna buy an i3 processor help me choose between i3 2100 and i3 540..
the i3 540 runs on LGA 1156, while i3 2100 runs on LGA 1155.. which is the better processor? and why do they have different LGA's? (based from what I'm seeing)
I'm gonna buy a new motherboard for the i3 but I don't know which is latest, 1155 or 1156? are they the same? or am I just mistaken?
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  1. LGA 1155 (SandyBridge) is the latest. Go with i3 2100 is far better.
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    There is no contest on this question the Intel® Core™ i3-2100 is the better processor in terms of preformance and in value in the future. Socket 1156 is dead and we are not producting any more processor for that socket. So by selecting the socket 1155 you are ensuring that you have a future in upgrading with that socket.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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