Which should I get? Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 or Intel Core i3 2100?

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  1. The i3 2100 is much faster than the E7500.
  2. definitely the 2100 it is much faster and comes with hyperthreading which increases performance another 15%
  3. Well, this isn't much of a comparison. The i3 is both a newer architecture and clocked faster. It also supports the current LGA1155 instead of being on a socket that is no longer used. So the i3 hands down.

    Only reason to get an E7500 is if you already have the motherboard for it and you are doing a processor upgrade.
  4. Again you can check this in order to get some numbers :P
  5. not sure how the e7500 snuck in there.

    If you were considering older chips because you had the right socket, you can easily get an e8500 (used, but hey) for <£50

    but a straight fight between i3 and e7500, probably the i3 twice over.

    On a side note, the e8500 is still a competitive chip and I recently upgraded with one from an e5200 or something.

    Stable at around 3.9Ghz overclocked if you're into that, though I think my m/b is holding me back on that.
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    The move from the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo to the 1st generation Intel Core processors yeilded around a 15% -20% preformance increase at the same speed. The move from the 1st generation Intel Core processors to the 2nd generation yeilded an additional 10% to 15% improvement. In the end you are looking at around a 30% or more preformance improvement at the same speed from from the Intel Core 2 Duo to the Intel Core processor.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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