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Asus Sabertooth Z77 vs ASRock Z77 Fatal1ty Pro

I'm stuck on this one. One thing's for sure, i'm ocd and need stuff to match and look good, kind of like Linus of LinusTechTips lol. Now i love the features of both of these boards, although the Fatal1ty Pro seems more well rounded. I like how the Fatal1ty Pro comes with a Usb3.0 front panel, has a PLX chip, has a debug LED, and has the awesome Red/Black theme. But the Sabertooth has the thermal armor, 5 year warranty, Thermal Radar, and matches any system you put it in. I used to be an Asus fanboy, but am opening up to new things FINALLY. (If Asus had a full size Z77 ATX ROG board though, i would still go for that :P). So what do you guys think?
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  1. Get Sabertooth, as it has the thermal armor, 5 year warranty, Thermal Radar, and more.

    Strong overclocker.

    Watch this.
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    I also would say go with the Sabertooth. Im running it , absolutely love it , booted from first go without any dramas, overclocks like mad, has plenty of features, debug led isnt that big of a deal , the Sabertooth does it with leds to each component, red meaning there is a problem to that component and will fix itself and boot. Good solid motherboard.
  3. I'm running the ASRock Z68 Fatal1ty motherboard and I love it, however, given the specs of the Sabertooth, I would go for that.
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