Building new computer 2011 (Late August) (BUDGET)

(((((BUDGET IS 1400$))))))

Hey, i'm building my new system late in August when I estimate ill have enough from paychecks so I was hoping a pro here could help me pick out parts. Heres some details

Im bad at choosing parts but I can build. If you guys wouldnt mind explaining how you picked that part and why I would much appreciate it. I need the BEST parts possible for my build budget. I need to be able to upgrade so make sure case is big enough and motherboard will last a long ass time for that.

I dont want to be stuck with an outdated peice of *** in a year or 2 and Im really concerned about playing max settings on games for the next year or 2 and continuing on high on year 3/4 if my price allows that, let me know.
I like to play alot of rpgs (IM SUPER EXCITED FOR SKYRIM ON NOVEMBER AND BATTLEFIELD 3 IN OCTOBER) and like to play games like these.

All call of duties
All arma games
All fallout/elderscrolls games
All grand theft autos
All Battlefields

Well just everything. Im nervous. Its the most money ive ever spent on one thing. Im only 16.

Heres some price details

I only need a 500gb hard drive

I want to be able to upgrade so try to keep most parts upgrade ready

I need the case to look as badass as possible. (WINDOWS NEEDED)

I want blue L.E.D. lights lol

I want it to stay cool

MAYBE: I want to check out watercooling, is it hard to install/maintain?

I want the best parts possible for my budget. I might buy another gpu to make it dual graphics cards in the future so keep that in mind as well.

I dont care about good soundcards that much.

I have an operating system packaged up so forget about that.

PREFERRED RES: 1920X1080p Graphics: Max settings for atleast next 2 years if budget allows.

I dont really know what AA is, I heard it makes objects smoother?

Dont include monitor keyboard OS mouse speakers and blah blah

Sorry if I repeated myself. Like I said, im super nervous.

( I dont know how to overclock, if you can get a good overclockable part in there, Im sure I can get my friend to do it for me, hes helping me build.)
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  1. Please fill this form out:

    -500GB hard drive is definitely enough if you aren't putting videos on the HDD
    -Upgrading should be easy for most rigs nowadays
    -If you want your case to look badass, then you want your system to WORK badass, worry about the system before the case
    -^Worry about your system first, with the left over money you can buy the LED
    -To stay cool, you want a aftermarket heatsink and fan AND a few case fans
    -Watercooling is easy now, there are self contained systems such as the h50, which lets you cool your system using liquids and not needing to worry about tubes
    -With your budget, you can probably SLI/Crossfire
    -We'll use the on-board sound
    -once again, fill this form so we know what you don't need etc:
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