Crazy artifacts appearing in Crysis2 and Crysis 6970

Uploaded a video on youtube

i5 2500k
4 gb
cosair 750 psu
Nzxt phantom case

Temps are normal 65 c after gaming, I ran occt and furmark with nothing usual showing up there. Bought the card from few day ago, should i RMA

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  1. i see nothing wrong with the video you post. maybe it was too dark. btw did the problem also happen with other games? if the problem only happen to crysis or crysis 2 specifically it might be driver related
  2. Hi, if you are getting artifacts in other games then it may well be you vid card. Have you overclocked the system at all? Try a different driver see if it fixes it

    I had this problem with one of my old 9800 gtx x 2, was driving me insane, ran test countlessly, rma'd the card but it was fine. Turned out to be the RAM!
  3. I didn't see anything wrong with that either. Well, I did see a couple blotched on the far right side, but I'm not sure what that was.
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