Need help with x2 XFX 6970 setting up eyefintiy with x3 ASUS VW246H


I am wanting to set up eyefinity with my 2 xfx video cards for x3 ASUS VW246H 24" monitors. I want to run with all 3 with HDMI. I do not want DVI or VGA. What other equipment will i have to purchase for my computer to run these 3 monitors.
I have seen postings stating that you would have to purchase extra equipment to run 3 monitors. Can you tell me what i would need to get this to work with your video cards so that i can run them with hdmi and links to items as a referance.

If you can add links to specific items and a sort of crash course on how to set this up, what hooks to what video card, do i need to disable crossfire and CCC settings. I am a noob and i do not understand alot of the abbreviations. (sorry for spelling).

Wind 7 64bit
x2 XFX 6970's - Newest update with april Display drivers
8GB 1600 G.Skill ripjaw
Asus Crosshair formula IV
AMD 1090T 6 core
1kw PSU
WD 300GB 10k rpm raptor
1 500gb Seagate 7400rpm
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  1. Since there is one HDMI output already on the card you can use that for one monitor. For the second, you will need a DVI to HDMI adapter

    For the third display, it has to be displayport. So you will need a Mini Displayport to DVI and then you need another DVI to HDMI. All monitors are connected to the top card in the motherboard.
  2. I have 2 mini display ports, 1 hdmi and 2 dvi inputs, can't i just use x2 mini display to hdmi? Or i cannot use 2 of the same ports for 2 monitors, that i have to use 1 of each of the connections for it to work. And if i try to use say the 2 mini display ports that it will not work and skip the DVI.

  3. is there anything special i have to do with the ATI CCC or crossfire or anything? Do i just hook everything up and then it is good to go? I really want this for gaming and to use the center screen for my desktop and another screen as extra space when not gaming. Is all that done with the CCC settings or something else?
  4. The only output that is absolutely necessary to use is a mini displayport. Since your monitors don't have displayport, you must get an active converter (the one I linked), but since that converts it to DVI you have to get a converter for DVI to HDMI. You can use any of the other outputs, but you must use at least one mini Displayport. Why do you want to use all HDMI? Your monitors have DVI inputs.
  5. WELL I could use the DVI but thought the hdmi would be better but i guess they are the same except the dvi does not carry audio.

    Monitor 1 had the HDMI already

    so i need 1 mini display to dvi then to monitor 2

    and monitor 3 will have the plain dvi cable to it right?

    i keep thinking i need a external display adapter box or something more than just these cables.
  6. Yep, that's all you need. The Displayport adapter MUST be active though (like this one )

    Before these cheaper ones came out, the adapter we're bigger and did require power which is why you're thinking that. They were like these
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