New build

I need some advice.

My old gaming computer died and I am specc'ing out a new pc.

Case: Coolmaster HAF912
CPU: I am debating between Intel i5-2500k and I7-2600k
MB: Asus P8P67-M Intel P67 mATX MB
RAM: 8GB (2X4 DDR3 1600 dual channel)
Power supply: 800w XtremeGear
HDD: 1.5TB Sata II 3GB 7200rpm
Samsung SH-B123L 12x Blue ray player and DVDRW

Video card:

This where I am having a problem. Funds are limited, so I am trying to figure out whether to go I5-2500k and a better GPU or I7-2600k and a lesser GPU.

My interests:

Main things are #1 and#2
#1-World of warcraft
#2-Flight simulation online
#3 Photoshop CS5 Photo manipulation
#4 Some limited HD video editing.

Interested in any comments or thoughts on CPU/GPU combos......

Thanks in advance
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  1. Yeah, the i5 is the better value. Just go for that and a better card. What resolution will you be using?
    Also, "Xtremegear" PSU? Stick with a good brand like Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, etc.

    ct1615 said:
    Nvidia tends to give you more bang for buck in Blizzard games (although AMD does better in other games so check benchmarks for games you play).

    Nvidia being better for WoW no longer seems to be the case as of Cataclysm;
  2. Thanks. I am trying to put together a build on cyberpowerpc for around $1200-$1300 and trying to maximize my choices.
  3. Should I be concerned the i5-2500k does not supper hyper-threading?
  4. ct1615 said:
    interesting, AMD most have closed the gap with new drivers recently. here is a review of the AMD 6850 and it gets beat by the GTX 460 768, same test (ultra settings, DX 11). with jyjjy new benchmark, just get the card that offers the best bang for buck then, regardless of Nvidia/AMD chip.

    Yeah, it seems to be as of Cataclysm. Those benchmarks from the HD6850 review are from Lich King.
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