Excessive processor temps under light load

I recently installed a T9500 processor in my Dell D630 Latitude to replace a T7250 processor. It idles fine 37-38 degrees or less, but just opening an application causes temps in the 90's to show in CoreTemp. I had a temp as high as 101 degrees.

I reapplied thermal paste several times, the fan is working, and the computer is running at standard voltage, no overclocking, with the latest bios. I put back my old processor and it's running 50-60 degrees under moderate load.

Can anyone give me an idea why this might be happening. Thanks
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  1. Bad temperature monitoring? IE, does the laptop actually feel like the processor inside is getting that hot?

    Since the old processor worked within normal temperatures, I can't see it being an issue with your installation.

    One thing to note though, is that that laptop does not officially support the T9500. Which could explain either the odd temperature readings or the CPU getting too hot. Although your old CPU and the new one are both 35W rated, I can see the T9500 heating up more based on its specs.

    Test this: Does the CPU throttle?
    ->run CPU-z and leave open
    ->do something like prime95 that will cause it to speedstep up
    ->Does the CPU speed throttle down at any point according to CPU-z?
  2. Enzo,

    I'll check with CPU-z once the T9500 is back in the laptop. One thing I did was update the BIOS before switching the CPU, and i've since seen that Intel recommends switching the CPU first so that the BIOS will set proper voltages etc. I'm fairly new to upgrading CPU's so I didn't know this. I imagine incorrect voltages could cause some problems, but there doesn't seem to be a big voltage difference between the T7250 and T9500.
    No, I didn't notice the laptop getting hot, but when I saw high temp readings i shut down the system pretty quickly. Thanks for your help, I've got some checking to do.
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