Best graphics card that doesn't need external power

As the topic says whats the best graphics card from Ati and Nvidia that don't need external power.

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  1. I did some research and found out that Ati's card is the 6670 and Nvidia's is the 440. Can anyone confirm that or tell me what it is?

    Edit: Looked a bit more and people said to not get the DirectX 11's of those (the new ones) because they are slower. Can anyone confirm that to?

  2. The HD 5770 is more powerful.
  3. I'm talking about one that don't require external power.
  4. Why is it important the video card not require a power cable from the power supply? Does your power supply not have cable? Why not just replace your power supply with one that does?

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    HD 6670.

    A bit weak for DX11 effects since there's a performance hit. Just don't play games in DX11 mode in Vista or Win 7. Play games in DX9 mode unless the game does not support DX9 like Just Cause 2.
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  7. This version of the HD5750 is actually the fastest card without a power connector;
    Probably not worth the price difference vs the HD6670 however.
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