Can i use my pentium lga 775 processor?/

I got a pentium 4 lga 775 processor and i'm thinking of buying "asus p5g41t-mlx" motherboard. It comes with an lga 775 socket. My question is will it work with the combination of
pentium 4 and asus p5g41t-mlx?
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    it might, but looks like you need the newest bios. check it out.

    P4-630 (3.0E GHz, 800 FSB, L2:2MB, EM64T, HT) ALL 0604
    P4-631 (65nm,3.0GHz, 800 FSB, L2:2MB, revD0) ALL 0604
    P4-640 (3.2E GHz, 800 FSB, L2:2MB, EM64T, HT) ALL 0604

    P4-670 (3.8 GHz, 800 FSB, L2:2MB,N0) ALL 0604
  2. yes. it works. mine is p4-630. anyway i'm going to change my processor to intel q8400. With onboard graphics and shader model 4.0 games like assassins creed, farcry 2 etc launches. But game is lagging with lowest possible settings.
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