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Hello, I have Asus p9x79 MOBO and 8 sticks of Goodram DDR3-1600 4096MB PC3-12800 (GR1600D364L11/4G). All of them are seen only at 800 hz, but the more i raise the frequency, the less memory is being detected. Any ideas how to run all the memory at it's stock frequency?
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  1. is there a specific program you are looking at the frequencies with? i know that cpu-z will show it as half but it is actually running speed is the full 1600mhz

    as for increasing the frequency then showing less, im stumped there.
  2. use the usb bios flash back and install all the bios updates..check in the bios gui for your mb bios rev. also use cpu-z to see what your ram is running at. with asus bios you have to under the ai in the gui bios set the ram speed to xmp.
    when you do use smp some ram need more voltage then 1.5v. you can see that info under the spd tab in cpu-z. the last row on the right is the spd info for xmp profile.
  3. BIOS is the latest. It's all happening in the BIOS. I increase the frequency there and am getting less and less memory available. Also dram spd shows all dimms are fine @ 800 hz. At 1333 2 are "abnormal" and so on. If all the dimms are fine @ 800 hz, it can't be a problem with either memory or mobo. Also, I noticed, when I delay/advance timings manually by, say, 2 it's actually delayed/advanced by 4. I've tried various manual timings adjustments but just can't get it right. I am stuck at 24 gigs and can't get past that mark. I've also noticed, that at 800 hz all the timings are identical, except for the d slots ("abnormal" ones, when frequency gets past 800 hz). DRAM IOL (CHD D1 R0) and DRAM IOL (CHD D1 R1) are displaying +1 to the rest.
  4. do this so we know there not a bad slot in the mb or a bad stick of ram. start with two stick of ram and see that there reading right. if they are move one stick so that you test all the slots. if the slots are fine then test two stick at a time in the same slots to see if there reading fine the ni would contact asus and see it the ram has been qualed for all 8 slots..looking at the mb qal some ram is good for two slots and some 6 slots. you may have to swap the ram out for one on the qal list.

  5. But they are all reading right at 800 hz. Everything is perfectly fine everywhere - in the BIOS, in the OS, wherever. It's getting ugly when I'm leaving that 800 hz area. The farther I get, the less memory I get and the more abnormal slots i get in the bios. It's kind of dynamic depending on the frequency. As far as official compatibility goes, my RAM isn't listed, so if this is the root of all evil, then there's nothing that can be done, bar ram swapping.
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