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as the title says, i need a new gaming video card, im running a 1920x1080 resolution screen. my mobo is the Asus p8p67 i need something that will run new games on high settings with this resolution. thank you for your help
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  1. post your other PC specs (CPU, RAM, PSU....)
  2. RobisssLV said:
    post your other PC specs (CPU, RAM, PSU....)

    cpu: intel 2500k
    ram:8gb, 2 x 4gb, rip jaws x
  3. What is your budget?
  4. the best value for money would be going to a hd5850 extreme which cost extremly low.

    or if you dont care of budget,these are the best,
  5. manu you didn't even bother posting any nvidia cards in your "these are the best" links, i find that humorous.

    OP you'd need to give us a budget and what kind of gaming you wanna do, whether it be single screen or you wanna span eyefinity/3d surround.
  6. at now, the hd 5850 i can found is the best value out their, si i am only giving that as a recommendation. if you think i am a amd fan boy, no, if i found nvidea giving the best deals, i will definitely recommend them but for now, amd only.
  7. @opexx, manu listed good cards and nVidia's prices are unacceptable compared to AMD's right now for mid-range cards. Only the 560Ti and 570 have really good value, but you can get a 6950 that will be a bit better than 560Ti and cheaper, also Sapphire 5850 Xtreme is highest value on market right now, just compare it to worse performing GTX 460 1GB for 200$ to it for 140$ *performance difference is over 25%*.

    Also manu 11, these aren't best, there are bunch of 560Ti SOCs that perform only few percent behind 6970, while costing less than 6970, and 570s that are running head to head with 6970, not falling behind over 3% and when you compare 580 to 6970 then 580 is 10% faster, so you can't say these are best, even tho 6950 has great value. I found one MSI that is cheaper than HIS and imo MSI is better brand than HIS. Also there's a bunch of 6950s that beat this HIS model you listed, while being cheaper. I also found 560Tis for 250$, but most of my attention was focused on ASUS DCuII @ 900 core for only 250$, that card would be a 1% better than 6950 and have a lot better cooling. Also there were 2 GIGABYTE SOCs 1. for 265$ @950core and 2. for 275$ @ 1000 core and they have very good cooling, cooler and quieter than all of the 6950s and 6970s available.

    Before OP tells us his budget we can't recommend anything.
  8. @shrkbay - that was exactly my point. I have nothing against amd, im running 6970's in CF in my rig. and i wouldnt argue that for the value amd is better. but op didn't give us a budget, for all we know he can afford to run 2 580's in SLI. which is better than any CF setup you can make. so all i was saying is that nvidia makes the best cards based on performance.

    But regardless, I think we can all agree that Nvidia is WAY overpriced atm.
  9. ^Well, only some cards are "WAY" overpriced imo, probably whole 400 series, but 500 series have reasonable prices, also 6970s *and in very rare situations 6950s* beat 580s sometimes, but, yeah 580SLI is the most powerful system right now.
  10. i noticed that OP has only 550W PSU *not to say it's not much*, but with that PSU he won't be able to run good SLI/CF system and probably high-end cards like GTX 570 or even highly clocked GTX 560 Ti
  11. well i got a video card already because it was a good deal (i think), its a gtx 460 se, n i got it for 130$. But now i have another problem, n i might have to return the card. well the video card works well until i start playing games, ive tried COD MW 2 and NFS shift (both on max settings) n at first it works fine but maybe for a minute or so but then it starts freezing up more n more n then crashes, n i get the blue screen. the video card never went over 45 degrees in temperature, so i think that my power supply isnt strong enough, this is my set up:
    power supply: diablotek phd550
    MOBO: asus P8P67 Deluxe
    CPU: INtel core i5-2500k
    ram: 2x4gb ripjaw x
    2 hard drives
    there is also like 5 fans.
    so i just want to know whats the problem, n if its the video card what other video card would u recommend for this set up, budget is 200$ for the gpu if anything. but maybe i should just get a new PSU.
    thanks for ur help
  12. 130$ for GTX 460 SE is an average deal, but if i were you i'd go for 768MB version rather than SE, it's a bit faster and cheaper. I think it's the video card's fault, your PSU seems really fine to me.
  13. 3 choices for you at different budget...

    if you want a cheap but still fast card... this...

    that should alot faster than your current gtx 460...

    if you want something more muscle... this....

    for me its the best value card in all... it should runs all your games with ease without need to overclocking...

    if the money is no object to you... then this will satisfy you more than anything...

    why not?? its the fastest single gpu card in the world...

    i would avoid dual gpu solution at all cost if gaming at full hd resolution... as all these cards above should do you fine job gaming at that resolution... moreover dual gpu cards rely heavily on driver update... i think that as a more problematic solution in the long run... my vote on evga gtx 570...
  14. ^he said his budget is 200$, so none of these cards are available to him and his PSU won't run GTX 580 and may have problems with 570
  15. oh still speaking about my problem and not knowing what it is, yesterday i was playing saint row 2 on max settings and my computer restarted and then a a screen came up saying that my computer was shut down because it wasnt getting consistent power from the psu. so i guess that the problem is in the psu, can u recommend a psu for my set up, or should i try a different card first? and if so what card should i get the budget is 200 but the open boxs are way cheaper so i get get a better card that way
  16. ^the GTX560Tis you listed are not 30 bucks more, more like 50$, also i can't understand, why you linked Sparkle card, MSI and GALAXY are much nicer and have better cooler, while cost the same. Also the GTX 460s you listed are beaten by a Sapphire HD5850 Xtreme, which is only 140$.

    OP: Does company matter to you? (AMD or Nvidia) Is 200$ your budget for GPU only or GPU + PSU?
  17. shrkbay said:
    ^the GTX560Tis you listed are not 30 bucks more, more like 50$, also i can't understand, why you linked Sparkle card, MSI and GALAXY are much nicer and have better cooler, while cost the same. Also the GTX 460s you listed are beaten by a Sapphire HD5850 Xtreme, which is only 140$.

    OP: Does company matter to you? (AMD or Nvidia) Is 200$ your budget for GPU only or GPU + PSU?

    company does not matter, n the budget depends on if i have to change the psu or not, and also i would like the video card to be able to run Battlefield 3 when that comes out, oh and it seems that every one says to get the gtx 460, but as i said before i already got, n have like 25 days to return it
  18. the galaxy model costs 230 dollars... you can check it via see price in cart... if there is any additional charges apply i dont know.... you certainly can play battlefield 3 when it comes out with these cards... but whether can or not with max settings it remains to be seen... with your current psu it should be able to handle gtx 560 ti or gtx 460... but dont overclocking your system...
  19. ^His PSU is fine for OCing GTX 460, he has 550W PSU is more than OK for this card, probably he also will be able to GTX 560 Ti @ 900 core, which is the speed that most of 560Tis reach, and most of them don't go over it
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