Budget gaming CPU,which one's the best !!??

I'we been researching lately,trying to find a good gaming CPU within my budget so it comes down to these(prices are listed in my currency Bosnian KM's):

1.Intel core i3 2120 3.3 ghz--------300 km

2.Amd phenom II x4 965 BE 3.4 ghz---------270 km

3.Intel core i5 760 2.8 ghz----------350 km

4.Amd phenom II x6 1055t 2.8 ghz --------350 km

Now,i've read reviews,seen benchmarks and judging by them i'm kind of leaning towards the core i3 2120. Phenom is also great but core i3 beats it in gaming benchmarks (sandybridge does it's job),but then again Phenom has 4 physical cores.......the other two are a bit expensive and i wont be able to buy good gpu if i go with them(but maybe they're worth it)....so the cheaper CPU i get the better GPU i'l get :)

So what do you guys think,please help me choose BTW i'm not going to be overclocking thx in advance !!!
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  1. Even though a bit expensive i would still choose the i3 2120 just for the mobo.
    Some like bulldozer am3+ so if you want you can pick up an AM3+ mobo.
  2. Wait a couple of weeks if you can and see what AMD's Bulldozer brings. If it wern't for that I'd personally go with the i3 as you could drop in an i5-2500K later when prices drop.
  3. it would be a toss up between the i3 2120 and the phenom 965. the quad core is more of an advantage for more recent games, while the dual core i3 will be better for games that do not utillise more than 2 cores. They are pretty even though. The 965 can also be overclocked, if you are in to that, the i3 can too but only by 100mhz or so. the i5 760 is good but you will be buying a motherboard that has no upgrade options. Get either an am3+ board with phenom cpu or a z68 gen 3 board with i3 2100 cpu, then at least you will have future upgrade options.
  4. I would advise the 965BE
    -It's the least expensive
    -sports 4 cores (more important in recent games, just look at the benchmarks for the upcoming Battlefield)

    You'll miss out on a bit of clockspeed vs the i3 but really, the clockspeed of the 965 is enough for most games. Even then, you'd need a gtx580 to have a significant difference.
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