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Is the phenom 955 enough for Gaming ?

am going to buy hardware for building a Gaming PC ... and am really trying to save some money ..
so is it worth to buy intel i5 2500K .. or i should be fine with phenom ii x4 955, i will be playing at 1920x1080 BF3, crysis 2, just cause 2 MW3
i can't wait for the bulldozer to come up .. especially am living in Egypt for now.
also am going to buy gtx 560 ti with 4G ram and a decent motherboard ,, also i have a good quality PSU (thermaltake TR-500p 500w bronze 80 plus)

A benchmarks will help if you add them to your reply :)
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  1. My 955 has had no issues handling bf3 so far. Never had any probs with crysis 2 or just cause either.
  2. i know i will not gonna have any problems with the cpu ..
    what am asking is : is it worth buying 2500K over the phenom ii x4 955 .. how much is the FPS deference between them .. ?
  3. Look at the very last post, from Ogdin...
  4. it didn't help .. i already know that the 2500k is better than the 955 ..
    am just asking for the fps deference in games between the two@1920x1080
  5. The Core i5-2500K can give you higher FPS than the Phenom II X4 955 without question. How much depends on how dependent is the game on the CPU. The more dependent the game is on the CPU, the more of an increase the Core i5-2500k will give you.

    Most 1st person shooter games are not dependent on the CPU; the critical word is "most". Therefore, as long as the CPU is fast enough it should not hold back your video card from giving you good performance.

    Assuming the Phenom II X4 955 and the GTX 560 Ti gives you 50FPS in a game, while a Core i5-2500k gives you 60FPS in the same game with the same video card. Can you tell the difference? Do you even care about that difference?

    If 50FPS is good enough, then go with the Phenom II X4 955 since it is cheaper and the performance is good enough for you. And it is easier on your wallet now. However, based on the Core i5-2500k's performance it should indicate to you that in the longer term you may be able to postpone an upgrade with the Core i5 than if you bought the Phenom II. So in the long term you can save money.
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    Both will get playable framerates in any current game including BF3, and any game for the next year or so. Beyond that the 955 has a direct upgrade path (if you get a AM3+ mobo) to Bulldozer which will play any game for 3 years+. LGA 1155 is arguably a EOL socket... So long term costs could go either way, short term the 955 will cost less or get better performance (if you spend the difference on a GTX 570 instead).

    IMO go for the 955 with AM3+ all the way if you are only gaming.
  7. the last 3 replies before "malmental" ware really really helpful .. thank you guys , i don't know what answer i should chose ;(
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