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I've just built a new machine and it's detecting all the drives (3 of which now have O/S's on) but I'm not getting the selection of which to boot from on startup.
My last machine was a dual boot and it just picked them up so I'm not sure why this hasn't.

Using windows 7 64bit on an SSD - one of the other drives has this too, and a vista drive. I'm planning to remove the second win7 drive when I've got my data from it and replace it with Ubuntu so I'd really like to get the option menu so I can triple boot.

Any help would be great!
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  1. Update - I've scrapped the vista drive for storage as the backup disk messed it up.
    I'm just down to dual booting win 7 and Ubuntu - the problem is it still just goes straight through to windows 7 every time. How do I get the usual boot choice to come up?
    Whenever I go into the bios it gives me the option for 2 boot devices (my 3tb storage drive which isn't MBR) and the CD drive. That's it.
    It then has "legacy drives" with all the drives listed, but no matter the order it goes straight through. I just can't find the right boot option in the bios :/
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