Help me pick a case with corsair h100 to fit

I cant deceide.
I have about 3 on my list
nzxt phantom
coolermaster hafx
thermaltake mk1 (can this fit h100 hdyro?)

nzxt has a great design but lacks a window and it seems to barely fit the h100 cooler.

hafx seems to fit it with ease and seems to have a better air flow.

Thermaltake im not too sure of but its prob more of a budget full tower case compared to others. Im not really worried about budget case, im more inclined to money for value. What case do you guys think i should go for? full tower only plz as i plan on having 2-3 high end vdu cards latter in the future.

corsair 800 is really nice, but the case i fell its not really worth it since its pretty much almost double the price on coolermaster and phantom. I would like to hear opinions on corsair 800 from you guys to find out if its worth it or not.

im open to any other ideas if you think you know a better full tower case
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  1. corsair 400r or 500r (basically the same case), both are designed to fit the H100 but are large mid tower cases. their 650D (even larger) can fit the H100 also but you lose the 200m top fan that comes with the case.
  2. corsair 500r, interesting... but can it fit 2-3 high end GPUs?
  3. evilgummybear said:
    corsair 500r, interesting... but can it fit 2-3 high end GPUs?

    8 PCI-E slots of up to 316mm but the 500r can remove the HDD cage giving you room up to 452mm in length. I have the 400r (same internal spec) and can easily fit two high end cards or three mid level cards. three high end cards are possible but I would look at larger cases then.
  4. i think im more inclined for nzxt phantom or coolermaster over mid towers :)
    Hard to decide from the 2 tho.
    nzht has a sexy look
    the coolermaster i beleive has more space and better internal air flow from the looks of it tho. Hard call to make as im sure the difference in airflow shouldnt be that much of a major diff's. The nzht i absolutely love it, but from what i hear it barely fits the h100 cooler.
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