Bad xfx 4850 512mb O.C. Replace or upgrade for specific Mobo?

No long intro here. Basically, some time ago I recklessly overclocked my XfX Ati 4850 512mb card, don't ask. Since then, older games (ID4 engine games, Oblivion/fallout 3, HL 2 etc) work perfectly and SOME newer games. The odd newer game (Crysis/Crysis 2, Borderlands, Dragon age 2) lock up 10 mins or so into game, noise buzz, green/brown screen with vertical lines through it. Anyways, card is toast and I need to either replace or upgrade.

There is a slight problem though, I am not quite sure what would be compatible with my motherboard. Recently I had a problem of buying a HiS 5670 512mb card and it running ALL of my games at less than 15 fps, even the older ones mentioned above. It had been seated/installed properly but hardware information in CCC was telling me it only had a bandwidth of 16gb/s or some such thing, as opposed to my 4850's 64gb/s. Perhaps the card wasnt built for my motherboard and I jumped the gun a bit?

Here are my system and motherboard specs:

Windows 7 32 bit
4gb ram
Cpu: Intel Core 2 duo E8400@3ghz
Motherboard: Asus P5ql-Asus-SE . Rev a3 (With Pci express x16 slot. )
Link to Motherboard

Not to give a sob story but I've already spent money on a card which did not work as I thought it would, which I am selling on. I just don't want to spend more money on another card that dosnt work as good as my 4850, so I really need for it to be compatible.
What I want is the card to work just as well, if not better than my old card.
Budget is anywhere between $0-$300 NZD.

I really appreciate any directon or information anyone can give me. Thanks =)
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    I've never heard of the specific problem you are talking about before but I know the PCI-E 2.1 cards (a lot of the HD5670s are 2.1) often have issues with older PCI-E 1.0 motherboards.
    This card is PCI-E 2.0 so it shouldn't have any issues;
    In terms of performance it is on par with the HD4870 and will be an upgrade on your HD4850 by about 25-30%.
  2. You might look at the graphics hierarchy chart on this site for quick performance comparison on new and old hardware I think the chart is fairly accurate.
  3. Just looking at the box of the 5670 and it is a pci-express 2.1. So maybe that was the problem all along, I really don't know.
    As for an upgrade, I'm going to do some research here and see what I can see. Thanks all
  4. Just as another question. How would this card be as a replacement to my old Ati Radeon xfx hd4850 512mb?

    PowerColor PCS HD4850 1GB HDMI
    Part NumberAX4850 1GBD3-PH
    Graphics EngineRADEON HD4850
    Video Memory1GB GDDR3
    Engine Clock625MHz
    Memory Clock950Mhz x2
    Memory Interface256bit
    DirectX Support10.1
    Bus StandardPCIE 2.0

    What would I gain by having 1gig on the card as opposed to 512mb?
  5. It will help some at higher resolutions, especially with AA applied.
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