Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm x 25mm 3000 RPM fans

Does Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm x 25mm 3000 RPM fans have any pre-set or restriction on the fan, to restrict the speed range and lock it so the fan will run constantly at one speed? Or for example only able to lower RPM by 30%-50% of the actual speed?

I have an AeroCool X-Vision fan controller. I'm trying to set the fans at a lower RPM when not gaming. I think I need to buy a PWM fan with 3 physical wires. If you think so too, I'd appreciate it if you drop some links of fans that will work.

Thank you
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  1. Hi there
    Saw your post on the GTs. I was reading yesterday that there were guys that were able to control the 4000+RPM GT (AP29 I think) to around 1400 RPM. I cant remember which forum I read it in though but there are quite a few experimenting with the GT since its quite popular.

    Also correct me if Im wrong but from what I know PWM fans are 4 wires/pins and non PWM fans are 3 wires/pins. And i think most fan controllers have 3 pin connectors (well all those that i have tried and looked at). you could plug in a PWM fan to those since the controller manipulates the speed via regulation of voltage received by the fan. So as long as your fan controller can handle the wattage drawn by the fan most fans will work.

    I have yet to try out GTs but on all the fans i have tried they work fine.
  2. is your fan plugged into your PSU directly/into the board? you should be able to manipulate the speeds in either your bios or your board may have came with some software you can edit the settings with. if you want to use software make sure you disable fan control in bios.
  3. @Shoot you... this is what AeroCool told me > "PWM fan is not just 4 wires fan. 3 wires fan is consider PWM because it has the 3rd wire signal allowing PWM monitoring panel like X-Vision to control and read the RPM."

    @nagol567... I was trying to have my fan controller run these optional case fans. My mobo is running my original case fans. I'm not familiar with electronic wiring at all.

    This is what Scythe told me > "
    it is not possible to regulate the speed fan with fan controler.
    The fan is not getting power from the fan controler but directly from the PC power supply."

    It looks like i simply solved my problem. AeroCool recommended their Shark fans, so i bought 2 of em. Being shipped now. They have 3 physical wires attached to the 3 pin connector. I also researched. Shark fans have very good reviews. Thanx all for your replies
  4. hmmmm weird. from what I have read the 3 pins are for the power (+12V), ground, and rpm signal (maybe this is what they meant) oh well but i from what I know PWM needs the 4th pin for control. But nonetheless fan controllers would work even with 2 pins (12V and ground) but you wont be getting the rpm signal. I forgot that the GTs are usually with molex connectors. you could have gotten the molex to 3 pin adapter or just moded it to fit 3 pin. But yeah Sharks have gotten good reviews but Im going to test out Akasa Vipers. hehehehe.
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