A few questions before I start building:

Hi all!

I've been planning on building a pc for quite some time now, and I finally
have the money for all the parts, so I just have a few questions for you before I start ordering the parts.
They may seem really obvious, but it's my first build so bear with me.
First, I'll list all the parts I'm ordering:
Motherboard: ASRock p67 extreme4
CPU: Intel core i5 2500k
GPU: MSI r6870 HAWK, crossfire later on.
PSU: Corsair 850tx V2 850Watt
RAM: Kingston valueram 4GB x 2 @1333 Mhz
CASE: Cooler Master HAF 912+
HDD: Samsung spinpoint 1tb
DVD: Sony optiarc AD 7260s

My Questions are:
1: The stock cooling comes with pre aplied thermal paste, do I still need to apply cooling paste to the processor? And is the stock cooling any good?
2: Since it's a budget gaming pc, I'm cheaping out on the RAM,
but for some reason I've got a bad feeling about it..
€25 for 4gb of ddr3 ram seems too cheap.. Is it better to invest more in some
better RAM?
3: Will all these parts actually fit inside of a CM HAF 912+?
4: Is the stock fan on the CM HAF 912+ any good or do I REALLY need extra fans?
5: Are all these parts compitible with eachother or will I have lots of problems?

Since it's my first timw building a pc from scratch, any help is GREATLY appreciated.
Could you answer like this:
1: [your answer here]
2: [your answer here]
And so on..

Thanks a ton to anyone that replies!
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  1. 1) Unless you are intending to overclock this system, you should go ahead and just use the pre-applied thermal paste. You do not need to add cooling paste to the processor.
    2) Is it better? Probably, but I've never had any problems with Kingston ValueRAM.
    3) It should all fit nicely.
    4) It should be good enough, but I'd probably monitor the system temps and look at adding a couple fans if necessary.
    5) Shouldn't have any problems with this build.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Aw yeah, thanks!
    A there any more parts I need to order that I didn't put on this list o' parts?
  3. Oh, BTW, this is my current plan:
    I already own a 1440x900 monitor so:
    1: compose pc, with 1 GPU
    2: buy more fans
    3: overclock cpu to ~4.5 Ghz
    4: buy second GPU
    5: buy a 1080p monitor

    After I've assembled the pc, is it possible to apply the thermal paste at a later stage or do you HAVE to do that right when you start building?
  4. Assuming you already have an Operating System, you're good to go.
    Between 2 and 3, you should add "buy new CPU Heatsing/Fan and thermal paste" is you intend to overclock at a later date. I'd also probably swap 4 and 5 in your current plan.
    If you ever remove the Heatsink/Fan (HSF) assembly from your CPU (say when you replace the stock HSF with one designed for overclocking), you should always (and I mean ALWAYS!) remove the existing thermal paste from both the processor and HSF and re-apply fresh paste.

    -Wolf sends
  5. Yeah, with buy new fans I meant to buy an extra casefan or two, and a good cpu cooler.
    But If I were to swap 4 and 5 I'd have to wait four months, because I don't make that much money and I'm looking in to buying a kinda expensive one
    (samsung xl2370).

    I do already have windows 7, so that won't be a problem.

    Thanks a ton!
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