Please help..

I am buying a new cpu/mobo/ram combo, and I just want to be sure all these will work together..

I've also read that some motherboards need to have their bios updated for it to work with the CPU? or something? Why is that? and is it true?
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  1. They should work.

    However, you may have heard it from me if you read around here about the FX chips not working without BIOS updates on the motherboard.

    There is a very real chance that once you stick all this stuff together that it will not work.

    If I was a betting man, I wouldn't bet against it.

    If you don't have another AMD processor laying around that will fit the slot, I would avoid buying that combo.

    An AMD Phenom 2 Black CPU between 965 and 980 or so will perform nearly as well in most everything and will definitely not have compatibility problems of any kind.

    However, AMD is really suffering in the processor space right now. The Intel chips are almost always much faster dollar for dollar.

    For about the same price you could get an i5-2400 and a H61 motherboard and it would crush that setup in processing power in most every task.
  2. Your motherboard and cpu are compatible. Your memory might work, but it’s not guaranteed.

    This quote is from Patriot Memory’s website:

    Patriot Memory Gamer Series for AM3/ AMD Brand Memory
    Please Note for users with any AM3 system, we advise using any Gamer series ending with an 'A.' ---> PGS...A, 'A.' ---> PG2...A.

    Gamer Series, Gamer 2 Series-A lines are designed and tested to run on AM3 platforms utilizing AMD's OverDrive software.

    The following lines are tested and designed to work with AM3 platforms:

    AMD Brand Memory (Powered By Patriot)

    Timings: (9-9-9) 1600MHz 4GB module
    Voltage: 1.5V

    Timings: (9-9-9) 1333MHz 4GB module
    Voltage: 1.5V

    Timings: (9-9-9) 1600MHz 2GB module
    Voltage: 1.5V

    Timings: (9-9-9) 1333MHz 2GB module
    Voltage: 1.5V

    So this is the memory you probably should get:
  3. Is the i5 2400, better then the 965?
  4. The most powerful thing AMD has, the FX-8150 is worse than the i5-2400 in most things.

    The AMD Black and FX chips on a good motherboard can be made to put out a lot more power than they do right out of the box for those people who have tons of time and money to spend buying good cooling hardware and playing around with settings.

    However, they have to do all that stuff a large extent to even be able to compete with the basic i5-2400 without any of the extra cooling hardware or configuration.

    The power bills and disasters would be a whole lot more with the AMD chips being pushed to their limits as well compared to the Intel chips using half the power for the same performance too.

    Anyway, I doubt the 965 could be made to equal the i5-2400, but maybe it could.

    Without stressing either one using out of the box settings, the 965 would be crushed in every category.

    However, it should be noted that if you think you might want to fool around with those sorts of settings, the i5-2400/h61 won't do it. You won't be able to edit such settings with that processor and motherboard at all.

    Luckily, you wouldn't have to.
  5. Okay, so I completely changed my mind... what do you guys think of this combo instead of the above one?

    Would those 3 work together? It was the same price pretty much as the combo before I posted.
  6. It could have the same sorts of problems as the FX. The H61 boards are a lot older than the Ivy Bridge chips so you might need a BIOS update to work with those.

    The Z77 boards were made at the same time as the Ivy chips so they are guaranteed to work. The 2400 is also guaranteed to work with the H61s, but the 3000 series chips aren't guaranteed to work with H61.
  7. Okay, so what about the i5 2400, with the H61? Would I be better off doing that? or sticking with the 965?
  8. I would rather have H61 + 2400

    than either of

    H61 + 3450


    965 + AM3+ 970
  9. B75:


    Oh wait, scratch that mobo recommendation. It's only x4 on pcie.

    This one is at x16 speed:
  10. Pyree said:

    Am I gonna need to update the bios? Cause I dont have any other CPUs to use to do so..
  11. The B75 would not need an update to use the 3450, its from the same generation as the Z77s. They were built to work with the 3000s.

    Unlike the H61s, H67s, P67s, Z68s and other prior generation boards.

    Anyway, the 3450 isn't hugely better than the 2400 so its not a big deal if you just stick with H61 + 2400 instead of 75/77 + 3450. The latter would probably be 50 - 70 more than the former and not really perform proportional to the increase in relative terms.

    It may be worth the extra anyway if you can stretch for it, but the bang for your buck is going to be worse.
  12. Am I gonna be able to fit my HD 5770 on the B75? I currently am using a Micro ATX motherboard, and am using the 5770 no problem
  13. No, B75 chipset is going to support Ivy bridge and Sandy Bridge CPU.

    I am getting conflicting result for the Asrock mobo. The spec on the official site say it is x16 speed, but newegg say x4 speed. But then it is PCIE1x16, so what PCIe 1.0 at x16 = PCIe 3.0 x4?? Confused.
  14. Well I think im gonna have to stick with the i5 2400, because the motherboard I was gonna get didn't have free shipping, and the shipping broke my budget lol.. Alot of the H61's have free shipping.. Which one should I get? That is around $60 or less
  15. The B75 is $20 more. The only real improvement over the Biostar mobo is USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0 support. If you are huge on external storage and/or a SSD person, then get the B75. Also, don't get the Biostar one.

    Cheaper with rebate:
  16. AFAIK an x4 slot is the tiny white one. Having such a small connector it can't possibly have more than 4 lanes going to it.

    The bigger slots should always be capable of at least 8 lanes each unless you overload how many the CPU can support.

    That is why they say stuff like
    x 16
    or whatever, because the CPU only has so many lanes and it will divvy them up as available to the PCIE slots in order preferring to give the most to the highest slot.

    That is how I understand it anyway.

    The originally suggested B75 appears to have
    in regards to how it divides up lanes to the PCIE slots.
  17. The Gigabyte H61 will work just fine with the 2400 as long as you only need 2 or less RAM slots and only 1 PCIE slot (video card and nothing else).
  18. Oh wait, I read it again, its only the PCIe 2.0 slot running at x4. The one for gpu is x16 PCIe 3.0.

    I don't think we have to worry to much about not having enough PCIe or RAM slot. With that budget, it is hard to find anything with excessiveness.
  19. Okay, so I think ill get the i5 2400, with the GIGABYTE motherboard, and a 4gig stick of DDR3.. total is $272 .. would this stick of ram work with that gigabyte motherboard? Im pretty sure it would, just wanna be sure..
  20. I am confident that it will.
  21. Okay thanks.. Just wanna be sure before I buy anything.. I have a Antec 650w, that should be enough to run everything right? And just to clarify, the H61 isnt gonna need a bios update for the 2400 correct?
  22. Antec 650w will power your current set up with ease (i5-2400 5770, HDD).

    H61 is for Sandy Bridge so there is no bios update for Sandy Bridge CPU.
  23. Okay thanks a bunch!
  24. Antec 650w is a lot overkill for what you are going to have.

    An XFX 450w would do just fine.

    If for whatever reason you are attached to Antec, there is an Earthwatts 430w that would also do just fine.
  25. Well, I already have the Antec 650w lol, I bought it a while back with my video card.
  26. It is hard to know how much you really need since there is so much mislabeling going on in that space and you can't tell the few that label correctly from the 95% who don't.
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