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I need help to choose a good 3d monitor. 24" to 30". Usage: Movies (blueray normal and 3d), Gaming (normal and 3d). Have MSI N590GTX GPU. Not over 1400$. Hope any can help.
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  1. renz496 said:

    Thank you for the replay. Have now found out what I will buy
  2. I was pondering the same upgrade some time in the future, (once I get a second 570 for sli) there are basically two models that are about the same price/specs.... which one is better the ASUS or ACER, bc my expirience with asus and their led lcds have been horrible, can anyone attest to the quality of these asus or acers 120hz models?
  3. I bought nVIDIA 3D Vision & BenQ 23,6" XL2410T, have not got it yet Check this model too.
  4. Ive heard the BenQ is very nice let us know how it is
  5. jjb8675309 said:
    Ive heard the BenQ is very nice let us know how it is

    I will come back with how it works. Estimate delivery to me is may 15. They know me in the shop, and know that I want quality. They recomended this monitor. They also recomended another monitor to a different pc. they recomended Dell ultrasharp U2711 IPS-panel 2560x1440 (not 3D). It was wery sharp and good picture.
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