Shutdown with Shogun Total War 2

Hi there:

I just bought a machine with this specs:

AMD Phenom II T1100 x6 3.3ghz, ASUS Sabertooth Motherboard FX990, 8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz, NVIDIA GTX 570, Blu ray Samsung, Power Supply 850w. The problem I have is that everything is running cool playing or computing info, but when I try to play Shogun 2, it's runs ok in the first page but when I get to the map in campaign mode, the computer simply shutoff, and I can't even turn it on again, unless I reset the button of the power supply.
I don't know if it's the faulty PSU or the GFX card, could u help me please!

The temperature is ok, my processor has a Coolermaster V6, and the max temp is about 28 - 32 celsius, and the GPU runs at 70 celsius and 1700 -1900 rpm in the fan with full charge (running Empire total war and napoleon total war at the same time (window mode).

If u need more info just tell me. Thanks!

PD. I'm new in this... so you know...
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  1. Is it a legal bought copy?
    Have you tried updating the game?
    Does it happen in any other situations?

    Download and run a 3Dmark app to stress the GPU.
    Remove all traces of graphics driver and nvidia, then reinstall latest driver of the Nvidia site.
    Reseat RAM.
  2. Hard to say i'll assume this is through Steam.
    I can play Napoleon all day long no problem and any other game for that matter.
    Computer does all sorts of wierd stuff when i play Medieval 2 though.
    Shuts down,bsods,gpu turns on and off.
    Now Medieval 2 won't even load lol!
    The NOICE! game not available message.
    I'd say it's a game/Steam issue and has nothing to do with your hardware.
    Been playing e-mail tag with Steam since Sept 27th.
  3. Yah, I'ts a legal one, something weird happen, I updated the game to run with directx 11, and stopped crashing, really weird tough... maybe it was a bug with my sistem specs or I don't know... anyway, thank you very much...
  4. Nice! if only i were so lucky!:)
  5. Pleasure...
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