New Mobo and no Display?

Hey, guys. I need your help. I just installed a new motherboard and processor in my computer. The processor is an i5 2500k found here: The mother board is an intel, and it is found here:

After taking out my old mobo and putting in the new one, along with the new processor my computer will not display anything. All of my fans and my video card fan are spinning away. I am using a Radeon hd 6850 by the way, and have tried multiple video cards. If anybody has any ideas about this I would be very thankful.
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  1. I would reseat the ram first. Be sure your video card has the proper connection from the power supply; what is the power supply brand and model number?
  2. cant recall model number. it is an Antec 520W though. Will check out RAM tomorrow and get back.
  3. I am starting to think it is the RAM. I am looking at it right now and it is V-Color brand. V-Color? I have never even heard of these guys. I would gladly accept other opinions though!
  4. Alright. It seems nobody I know has DDR3 RAM for me to borrow, unfortunately. Going to contact Intel tech support today, see what I come up with.
  5. Try booting with just one stick (RAM). Try this with all your memory sticks to test them all.
  6. Alright, so ram was the problem. I bought a PNY 4gb stick and it booted! I have another problem though. Now when I try to boot up windows, it brings me to a blue screen that says: "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer". Tried restarting a couple of times and it still pops up. What do I do now?
  7. New motherboard requires a fresh windows install (format).
  8. Is it smart to just partition my hard drive, and reserve, say, 50GB for my OS (Windows 7) and just leave the rest to save documents etc.? Or will that cause problems in the future?
  9. Windows 7 has a backup program for files, but I've never used it. It should set aside a small partition for your main files when you run the program.
  10. I just did a clean install. Thanks for all your help guys, my computer is working great!
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