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Hello all!

I recently purchased an Antec 902, and I have one major [remaining] complaint about it: it's got Molex connectors for the 4 default fans, and they are rather annoying to manage. The cables are short; the Molex connectors are wide; and when I try to stick them in the back of the case, sometimes they turn sideways and make it hard to shut the side panel.

So I want to make my own connectors. In addition, I want to buy/make a narrow 4-way splitter. I'll secure the splitter to the back of the case, plug all four fans into the splitter, and have a splitter plug into the power supply. That's the plan.

The problem is that I can't seem to find any 4-way splitters. Any ideas of where to get a 4-way splitter, with 4 corresponding 2-wire connectors? A coaxial splitter would probably be even better--but the only ones I can find are for cable television, and are not meant to be used as 15W 5V power dividers...
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    I strongly recommend this video from TJ Harlow(an Antec modder) for how to create a terminal block for the Antec 1200(the bigger version of your 902)
  2. Thanks! I never knew about terminal blocks and quick connectors, so this is something I'm going to consider. I think I can pull this off--except that I don't like double-sided tape, so I may have to come up with a better way of attaching the terminal block to the side. :)
  3. I'm glad it helped. It looks relatively simple. I was considering doing it in my 1200
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  5. Have you done it yet?
  6. Is there another video of this tutorial?

    I really want to do this in my case, but I have never done terminal wiring before, and the video channel on youtube is gone.. I'll never find a tutorial :(
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