Would this fit on a mico atx?

I am looking to get a new CPU/MOBO, and the motherboard I am looking at is a micro ATX mobo.. will the HD 5770 fit on this mother board correctly?


I currently have a Micro ATX motherboard(Its biostar as well) and I didn't have any problems getting the hd 5770 in.. So I guess my question is, will it fit on all micro atx motherboards? or are some different?
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  1. It will fit the board ok, but the question is will the card fit in a your micro case? You will have to check length, but it should
  2. I dont have a micro case, i have a Mid Tower, with a micro mobo at the moment.. so nothing is really changing, just didnt know if its the same for all micro motherboards, or if i'd have a problem hitting the heatsink on the motherboard or anything
  3. You should be good to go then
  4. Thanks
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