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So, I tried baking my mobo. because it wouldn't post to bios. I've disconnected my power connectors and I've re-connected them according to the manual, however when I turn on the power the power led turns on and the computer doesn't respond to the power button. ECS Nf650i SLI

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  1. Could you please explain a little more about what you mean by baking it?

    Also, do you have the power plugged twice into the motherboard?

    Are you using the standoffs between the motherboard and the case wall or screwing the motherboard directly into the case wall itself?
  2. The board is two years old, and I've read that you can save an old mobo by putting it in the oven at 385F for ~10 mins to fix any broken solders. Now when I hook up the power switch and leds and turn on power it appears to be getting power, and the led that indicates it's on stays on 24/7. I'm afraid the board might be dead.
  3. I have never heard of that before and it sounds kinda crazy to me. I would think I would break a good board that way.

    Anyway, what is done is done.

    Please write out a parts list of everything with the maker and model numbers.

    Also, please answer the previous questions.
  4. Wow. Just wow. I have no words for how stupid that is irregardless if it has worked for others.
  5. The reflow soldering process is a lot more complex than simply putting the board in an oven, not to mention that the temperature tolerances in a cooking stove are a whole lot wider than they are in a reflow soldering oven. Another problem with the cooking stove is that IR exposure and overall temperature are far more uneven; in the reflow process, sensitive components would have a heat shield to minimize exposure to IR heating.

    Also, in the reflow process, components are not supposed to be exposed to the maximum reflow process temperature (185-195C) for more than 30-45 SECONDS. 10 minutes of it probably killed the board for good.

    If you simply tossed the board in the oven and took it out when 'done', you may also have caused additional damage due to uneven heating/cooling.
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