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Ok I have a computer I want to be able to access from Remote desktop connection from the internet. I have it all set up and working, but I only want one certain user account to be able to access it from the internet. With the other user accounts on this computer able to access remote desktop from the local network, but not internet.

Any Ideas?
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  1. I dont think that the computer can tell the difference between a wan connected computer and a lan connected computer. Both of the connections will come be sent through the router and the only thing that you could do is to set up the router to only accept port 3389(RDP) from a certain specific IP address on the wan port. I worked with Cisco enterprise routers and you can setup a ton of different things like that for each individual port on them. I don't think that what your trying to do us really possible without preventing you with access-on-the-go.

    But if anyone knows something that will work, please do correct me. I would love to learn something new!:)
  2. shouldn't a local connection come with the IP of the local computer I am using? So the only reason the router local IP would be trying to connect to the remote desktop is if Someone from the internet was trying to access it.
  3. I know what you are saying and I believe the only thing that matters when you are connecting remotely is that you have the appropriate login info(user, pass), not where you actually login from(assuming that RDP is setup and forwarded properly, and you are able to either give users or deny them remote access totally by adding or removing them from the remote users group.

    I use RDP all day here and I even just remotely connected to our terminal server and I looked through the service manager console and I did not see anything that would pertain to wan restrictions:/
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