Problem with mobo, need help.

Mobo: ASRock z77 Extreme4

I just got all my parts that i bought off Newegg. I put all the things pieces together and it wasn't working. After first I thought it the power supply but I did the paperclip on green and black color pin and it worked, the power supply fan is spinning. Right now I'm plugging the power supply to the mobo and it's not working, . Does mean the mobo is DOA?
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  1. Did you plug the 8 Pin CPU power connectors in? Try switching each of the two connectors.
  2. Yes, but to no desired result. Have tried both connectors.

    It works when I plug the 8pin connectors but not the 20+4 connector, but if I use the paperclip trick, it would work.

    Plugging the 20+4 power connector does not work on this motherboard; tried it with an old computer and it worked. So I assume the 20+4 part is faulty.
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