Keyboard failure

I dont think there is really a section for this. sorry if im in the wrong.

KEYBOARD FAILURE logitech ex110 keyboard and mouse!

- Cordless mouse and keyboard. (They connect by a button on a little docking system and then on the mouse\keyboard)

- Ive got the latest drivers and software. fresh installed. fresh batteries.

- when i try to connect them i succeed the 3 lights that are ment to light up do.. But.. certain buttons on the keyboard work like "f mode" that changes the "f keys" to open emails and other programmable things. i can push some buttons and they respond but not all the buttons work...

- Anyone got any ideas ? is my keyboard rooted ? i took it apart and all connections are strong and clean (no corrosion)

please if you know of any possible solutions, i would appreciate your opinions.
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  1. it seems as if the keyboard is connected but button signals arent going through?
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