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I've got an Intel 975x motherboard that will not get to bios unless I turn it on with the jumper in the reset position. It asks me to set the date and time, and some other data and reboot with the jumper in the normal position. All else seems fine. Video card is in working order, ram is in working order, and PSU also seems to be fine.
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    You need a new CMOS battery.
    After you put the new battery in, reset the BIOS to defaults, leave the jumper on the mobo in the open position so you can change and save the BIOS with all the correct values.
    Then change the jumpers back to the Lock BIOS position and boot up the rig.
    things should be fine then on.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but it ended up being incorrect memory timings. Not sure why the BIOS changed them though.
  3. If the BIOS keeps changing the settings, make sure to have a spare battery with you. A dying CMOS cell can cause this to happen. Also, check the default RAM timings, what are they?
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