When will we see new Sapphire Vapor-X?

I have a Sapphire 5850 Vapor-X and love the added cooling and the look of the card. I am considering adding a 2nd as a CFX solution when BF3 launches. However, I am curious to know if Sapphire is planning on making a Vapor-X model for the 6xxx line. Anyone have inside info? :D
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  1. They've got a 6870 vapor x, out of stock on new egg though.


    Not sure if/when they will come out with them for the 6850, 6950, 6970 ect....
  2. Hmm. I overlooked that. Still dissapointing to see that the didn't put a "back plate"
    on this one like they did the 5850. That card will continue to be the best looking video card I've ever seen.
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