Death of a psu

if a computer was working properly, shuts down abruptly and won't power back up. When the power button is pressed no reaction whatsoever, no case fans, no motherboard lights, no reaction.

this can be attributed to a dead PSU correct? If the motherboard or cpu were dead we would still see the case fans lighting up correct?

tomorrow i'm going to try jumping the green and black wires on the 24 pin to see the PSU will turn on, i'm just trying to get an initial solution here

thanks in advance
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  1. It could indicate a dead psu, it may also be:
    problem with that socket
    fuse in plug blown
    cable defective,
    rule those out before bending a perfectly good paperclip :P
  2. More than likely, the PSU either has no input power or it died. The paper clip trick cannot tell you which.

    You can use a DMM to check if you have line power going into the PSU. If you do, then it is time for the paperclip.
  3. hah, thanks pals...

    i have tried swapping cables, and outlets, and rooms, i'm confident that up to where the power enters the psu everything is fine, i just wanted to make sure the mobo or something else wasn't the problem...but with no fans or anything else turning on, no reaction at all, told me it was the psu
  4. Ok, go murder a paperclip then hehe, just wanted to make sure you hadn't overlooked the other possibilities :-)
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