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What to do about mobo drivers? ASUS gene IV

I have downloaded all the drivers for my ASUS gene iv but I don't know what to do with the zip files now. I would like to update the BIOS drivers as well but most people say that it is risky. Why is that?
It's been a long night and I am sure I am forgetting something :sleep:
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    Unzip them in the new folder that u will make on your desktop or in your downloads.

    Than, when unzipped, just double click on the file and let it install.

    That is all.

    And restart when it will ask u to.
  2. It will install itself into the right directory, so u don't need to change anything at all.
  3. Why would u want to update BIOS?

    No need for that, only if something doesn't work right.
  4. I open up a ZIP with winzip and i get a file double clicking on that only opens up the file and displays the contents of it. what exactly am I looking for to click on?
    The BIOS driver updates include things like added stability and more compatanility with usb devices. Here is the page I am looking at
    Isn't there some program that will check and make sure I have all the newest drivers for my mobo?
  5. Watch this.

  6. You'll know how to, after this video : )

    U just need to extract it before u start to install it.

    That is why I posted above to extract the files to the new folder that u will create on

    your desktop or in your downloads or wherever u want to.
  7. The video helped. I would always just ioen the folder in winzip and then click the exe file of w/e i was doing. I never totaly extracted it. I installed the drivers except the USB3.0 drive because it wouldn't load when I clicked install. That driver was the whole reason I started doing this lol.
  8. OK, try to run the Win update, to see if it will get installed.
  9. Whats your CPU?
  10. 2500k. I have checked for new updates a dozen times, nothing new. my usb 3.0 ports seem to be running but how do i know they are in 3.0 mode and not 2.0?
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  12. Good luck!
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