Problem with geforce gt 8800 xp

i format my pc and i install windows xp professional i install all the drivers expept the drivers for the video card (zotac ge force 8800 gt) when i install the drivers the pc it doesn't open when i see the first image that windows is loading it make reboot all the times my motheboard is intel dg31pr the processor is intel core duo e6850 3.00 ghz with 2 gb ram please tell if is any solution. the pc before it works with vista and everything is ok
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  1. Why did you downgrade to xp? Was there problems prior to the downgrade such as locking up ect? This is an all to common complaint by users who are of low experience.
    Are you using the drivers for xp or drivers that are meant for vista/win7. 32bit or 64bit?
  2. i use drivers for xp and 32 bit i try to install windows 7 original but the system is too slow and the graphic card has the same problem
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