Perpetual Chasis intrusion error

I have scanned the forums and tried a few of the solutions for this error that I've read and am still experiencing it.

Where I am at right now is that 90% of the time when I boot the computer, I get the error.

So I tried replacing the jumper over the CHASIS pins on the MB next to the CMOS battery like I saw suggested. That didn't change it.

Next I followed the advice of resetting the CMOS along with that. I did so, and when I booted up, I got the same error, but int he text before the error I had a checksum bad and cmos time date error.

Upon rebooting I am now still just getting the CMOS checksum bad
and the Intruction Detected Fatal Error system halted messages.
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  1. how old is the mb. if it a few years old you could have a dead cmos battery. on most newer mb you can disable that message in the bios.
  2. It is several years old, atleast 5. Pu in a new CMOS battery did not change the read out.
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