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Right steps to change GPU??

Hey guys! I'm going to upgrade my GPU today, from a 9800 GT to a 5850. I'd like to know if the following steps I have in mind are correct:

1. Uninstall nvidia drivers
2. Reboot in safe mode.
3. Use some kind of driver removing software (suggestions?).
4. Turn off PC.
5. Remove 9800 GT.
6. Install 5850.
7. Look for latest drivers online.

I'm new at this so any suggestions are welcomed. To remove the old card and insert the new is pretty straight forward, right? I tried one day to remove the 9800 gt but couldn't. The PCI-E slot has a tiny lock, right?

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  1. Or you can just download the latest ati drivers then power off the machine and then pull the 9800gt for the 5850. It is very easy, to do even a child can do it. Even a monkey has done it thanks to AMD's little demo.
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    Download teh new drivers first and sit them on teh desktop for ease of access later.
    1/2/3 Most people recommend Driver sweeper. Personally i use ATI cards and there is an Uninstall utility in the driver folder.
    4/5/6. 7 Turn PC back on :D it usually helps. 8 install drivers from desktop.

    Yes there is a clip on the back of the PCIE slot. If your not sure Google Motherboard images and you will see the clip and how it works.

    Mactronix :)
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  4. Alright guys, changed it yesterday.

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