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Ram Speeds


Please help me, cpu-z says my ram is running at 665.0 mhz but my ram is 1600mhz


Is this normal though?

My ram:

Thanks in advance
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    What RAM is it?

    665MHz = 1333MHz + enable XMP in the BIOS and it will work @ 1600MHz
  2. So the speeds are working fine? The 3rd stick is a basic samsung 1333mhz so could that be why it was making all the others work at that speed?
  3. List all the RAM specs here....

    Links, if u have.

    It may not work because of that. It down-clocks to slowest available speed.
  4. Okay

    2x4 GB G.skill ram

    Samsung 1333mhz 1x4gb

    If it down-clocks to slowest available speed, then that is my problem.

    I'm planning on upgrading to full 16gb of the same g.skill ram.
  5. Yeah, get the same D.Skill and it will work fine.

    Its good RAM to have.
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  7. Good luck mrdoublet123!
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