Unsure about the power supply!!

My New Build

core i5 2500k
asus p8p67 LE
gskill ripjaws 2X 4GB 1600mhz
xfx hd 6870 1GB DDR5 ZHFC
TWO 1TB Seagate 7200 rpm drives

my PSU considerations are Coolermaster GX550 or XFX Pro 550 Core Edition

would The PSUs Mentioned Above Meet My Needs??...........Any Suggestions ???? :hello:
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  1. The XFX got a better review, and is based on a Seasonic design. I would go with it.
  2. Both would meet your needs.

    XFX would be recommended over CoolerMaster.
  3. Thanks Guyz......
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    The cooler master GX series isn't good, the 450W enhance built unit got a good review, but the higher wattage units like the 650W and 750 W both failed a couple reviews so i would just stay clear of that whole series, the XFX 550 W unit is a much better pick.
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