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So i built this pc and for first month it ran great. ASUS M5A99X EVO, MB and 16g gskill sniper ram, GTX 560t1 evga Vcard. amd 8 corse prosses with a Raidmax 730 powersupply. Well i have been having some random shutdown problems. PC shuts down and wont turn back on for awhile. Sometimes i can get the Fans and LED lights to turn over but the pc wont start. Then once i mess with the switch in back of pc and front it eventually turns on. (Made me think power supple issue but the green light on mother board is always on) Well when i get it to turn back on the Date is always reset back to like 2007 or 2008 and only way i can get things to work like my net is to go into my BIOS and reset it... Does anyone think it is my board and know if these boards have had this type of malfunction or maybe my power supply..
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  1. Sounds like two things going on there, 1) your CMOS battery (little watch battery on the motherboard) needs replacing (that's what holds the date). 2) Heat, check to ensure the heatsink/fan is seated properly on the CPU. You may even want to remove the HSF and reseat it. Be sure to clean off the CPU and HSF then apply new thermal compound and reattach - there is also a "how to" somewhere (don't have time right now to find it) on how to get a little more pressure on your HSF with the AMD mounting system (may help a little with heat). If you're using the stock HSF, you might want to look into an upgrade.
    Also, you can download SpeedFan or CoreTemp to monitor your temps. Actually, do this first since heat may not be an issue either and that would be something to know also.
  2. Well i will have to replace the battery for sure then. Also i do not use the factory HSF it is a coolermaster one. I have monitored my temp throgh my Bios tool that came with it and wile playing like Diablo 3 or WoW with everything on high it has not got above 52* thats with leaving my pc on alot.
  3. Okay, good, it would seem that heat is not the issue. But bad because it does tend to point to the PSU as a possible culprit. I did a little research on the PSU but there seems to be no objective reviews. Completely unobjective (ie. forums) information seems to indicate it is a brand to steer clear of. One poster claimed it is a rebranded 450W unit - if that is accurate then you would be running near the upper limit of your PSU's capabities and an overheat (on the PSU) shutdown could occur. Heat is the only good reason for the restart delay that I am aware of.
    If you have a known working PSU, I would try a swap out. If you have a DMM, you could check the voltages yourself (or take the PSU to a local electrician to test under load) - the green led on the mobo could be from a lower voltage rail and sould not be interpreted as an indicator of the PSU working proper.
    I really can't recommend replacing the PSU if that isn't the issue - there are heat issues that can affect a motherboard but they are so very rare, I'm going to stick with PSU for now.
  4. I do have an old i believe it is 550 watt one in my old pc that i replaced this one with. I guess i will see if i can get a buddy over to help swap them out. The only bad thing is i never know when the darn shutdown problems happen. I had it do it like 4 times in one day then it went a month without doing it again. Thats why i thought maybe at the time i had just some bad software or drivers. I really appreciate the help alot i def am gonna be using this site for more posting about pcs ive learned alot.
  5. I Have read friedmans advice, he is on the right track, so i ad just one more thing... i have this MoBo, and i had Exactly the same intermittent problem, and it was Driving me NUTS ! until i looked Very Closely at the Main power connector (which i had checked TWICE before) and i noticed that it was in pretty tight.... but not all the since i consider myself to be a real Einstein,... i had to laugh... *** Happens. Good Luck ! (it probably IS the power supply, though.)
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