Buying a New Card for some Gaming

Hey guys,

Summer is here, I'm looking to play a few hours of games a week...

I'm wondering if just the new video card would be good enough, and if my ideas are strong enough.
Also, if anyone can link me to a GOOD quality, new summary on how to find a good graphics card, it's appreciated... I no longer know whats good, and how much better it would be to have GDDR5 vs GDDR 3, or 1gb memory vs 512mb, 256 bit vs 128 bit, pixel pipelines, etc etc etc

Pricing is low, as I'm not a huge gamer. Games will vary.. I don't need to be playing Crysis 2, but maybe Portal would be about as advance as I need

My ideas are posted below for cards

My system is in the signature below...
Not sure if something will bottleneck or even with the card something isn't good enough...

Thanks guys

Edit: I have a Modxtreme 500w PSU

Here are the four cards I'm looking at:|14-102-878^14-102-878-TS%2C14-150-504^14-150-504-TS%2C14-162-062^14-162-062-TS%2C14-500-183^14-500-183-TS

EDIT!! Radeon 5830 for $106 seems like a steal... Yes or no?

Hopefully sell the HDTV tuner for $20... but not likely
and it is still an extra $45 than the 5670

Let me know, I may go for that if its really a good deal.. if not, I can wait of course too..
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  1. get a HD 5770 is performs better the the HD 5670... you can find one on for like $115-190
  2. I agree, that 5830 is a good deal. But with XFX you get lifetime warranty, so if that's important to you, you can get the XFX 5670 or try finding a 5750/5770. The 5670 is a good card (it's sitting in our HTPC right now), and is capable even at 1920x1080.
  3. I was about to recommend you a 5850 Extreme! it was only 140$, but it's out of stock now on newegg!
  4. That sold out already, not surprised... Too bad, but, I got these two options...

    HIS H577FK1GD Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5

    XFX HD-567X-YNF3 Radeon HD 5670 512MB 128-bit DDR5

    I know the 5770 is definitely better, but assuming I don't play games that are too intense on the graphics I think I'd be okay..

    Games are going to be like, Half-Life 2 engine games, The Sims, Call of Duty/Battlefield 2/Operation Flashpoint, Age of Empires and such games. Overall not too demanding.. So I'd like to shoot for less $ than more.
  5. What resolution do you play at? The 5670 performs well enough at 1920x1080 (in my experience), while the 5750 hasn't disappointed me yet (except Crysis). The 5770 will be more powerful than the 5750, so you can expect great performance at 1920x1080.


    Also, if your case is a bit cramped, then the single slot 5670 might be more manageable. The 5770 is a dual slot card, so it'll block the slot immediately below it.
  6. just go for the 5770!
  7. dwarf10 said:
    I was about to recommend you a 5850 Extreme! it was only 140$, but it's out of stock now on newegg!

    Same card with Shogun 2 game is only $10 more at Tigerdirect !

    and if going the 5770 route get the Sapphire vapor-x edition for $99 after MIR instead of the HIS
  8. Yeah, your resolution is quite important in picking out an appropriate video card.
    That HD5850 is a great deal if you can afford it.
  9. Right now, I'm only playing at 1280x1024. If I got a new monitor, then it'd change I'm sure. I was going to get a new monitor, but after a graphics card I probably wouldn't until next Winter or so

    $150 might be stretching it. I was uneasy about spending a little over $100 lol. I like the Vapor-x there too for $100 though
  10. Well, an HD5770 would be great for your current resolution. No real need for anything better. If you get a new monitor it would likely be 1080p. At that resolution the HD5770 struggles a bit while the HD5850 would still be quite good.
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