Had issues with an Asrock z77 pro 3. Should I replace?

I just got a bunch of parts for a new PC and everything went smooth up until I tried to get the video card installed.
The card works fine in an older PC but just wont output (although the Virtu MVP works perfectly).
Long story made short Asrock gave me 1 reply after 3 days: "Ask for a replacement from your vendor".

Since I got it from newegg I have the option to do a full refund instead of a replacement.

With a max budget of about $130 should I just get the same board again and chalk it up to a defect or ought I get something else instead?

My only reqs are to buy it from either newegg or microcenter have a z77 chipset and full ATX size

Thank you!
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  1. Whats your CPU?
  2. Its a cheap pentium g620. Im on a budget right now and maybe in a year or so I will upgrade to a core i5.

    yeah, yeah laugh all you want . . . im upgrading from a 3.0ghz pentium 4 . . .
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