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guys i want to play games on medium low setings with resolution 1280*1024 the core 2 duo e6700 with a card like 6670 1gb ddr3 will be enough for me to play new games
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  1. What's your budget?
    What country are you buying from? (UK/US)?
    Are you buying a whole build? Or just the CPU/GPU/RAM?

    Are you buying from a store? Or can you buy online?
  2. Yes it will play games now on low-medium on that resolution because most games require 2-2.4GHz C2D CPU for minimum requirements and the C2D E6700 is 2.66GHz. The 6670 is equal to the 8800GT and it is also above the avarage minimum requirement of GPU.
    I do not recommend buying now a system so close to the minimun requirements of many games though. It will not last long, in one year most minimum requirements will surpass it.
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