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i've just build my first PC, with a MB Asus P8Z68V-PRO and I5 2500K CPU.

I have a problem with the temps: in the BIOS, CPU (idle) temp is 55° and 34° for the MB. After installed Win 7 i checked with the MB software and the readings are 37° for the CPU and 35° for the MB.

Now, I think these last readings are a little high but with stock heatsink should be normal, but i can't understand the difference with BIOS readings!

Could this happen? Are these temps safe, considering that under stress -CPU stress test made with AIDA64 (Everest)- the CPU reaches 68° and then stabilizes itself?

I will surely buy a better cooler in the future as i'd like to overclock a little but for now i'd like to keep the stock one with stock settings, if i don't risk to blow everything...

Btw, the case is a Cooler Master HAF 912, the air flow should be good and the room temp. is around 22°.
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  1. Those are decent temps especially for a stock cooler.

    I would consider anything over 70 high.

    Not too sure why there would be a descrepancy between the BIOS readings and the software.

    Did you overclock at all? Anyways I wouldn't be worried.
  2. Try HWmonitor and see what temps you are getting with that. I would expect that you would see idle temperatures with stock cooler on the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K of high 30s to the low 40s based on case and air flow. If the idle temperatures are much higher then that I would think you would want to reseat your HSF (heatsink/fan). With the Intel stock HSF the biggest reason for heating issues with new processors is that all the clips are not seated right. Here is a little trick for you. If you can reach down grab one of the clips in turn and pull straight up it wasnt seated right. Check each one in turn. If one is able to be pulled up then it wasnt seated right and you just found the main reason for your heating issues.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. Thank you guys, i've updated the BIOS and the temps are now very close both in the BIOS and in windows (and are 4°-5° lower, showing 29° to 34° in indle).

    The CPU settings are stock but I think i can now be pretty satisfied with these readings, it's my first build and i was afraid i wasn't able to install everything the correct way. Now i will test everything under load and hope to stay within the low 60s.
  4. In BIOS the CPU its throtled @ max Speed, so if you spend some more time in the BIOS you will see a a bit higher temps then in everyday Windows usage
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