First build. No POST. Tried the troubleshoot. Help!


Im doing my first custom build today.

I installed the CPU, RAM, GPU and hooked up the PSU to the ATX, the ATX 12 and the GPU.

Then I turned on the motherboard. No beep!! I knew it wouldnt be so easy.

So I started removing bits. I got down to just the cpu (and cooler) with the ATX and Atx 12 plugged it.

If i switch on the motherboard with this set up the cpu fan runs, and all LED turn on and stay on. It keeps running like this until I switch it off.

Now, If I remove the ATX12 power and turn on the mobo it boots, runs for a sec (fan and LEDs) and then turns off, it trys a couple of times to turn on after this.

If I try to boot without the cpu installed and both ATXs it does the same (runs momentarily)

Whats the problem?

Any help would really be appreciated.

Oh the motherboard is a Gigabyte GA Z68AP D3 and the CPU is an Intel i5 3570k. The PSU is a cheap CIT 750w psu.
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  1. Sorry for the double post. I said if i turn on the mobo with both atxs and the cpu installed it runs till i turn it off. Correction: It runs for about 10 secs then shuts down then starts again and repeats.

    CPU overheating?
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