XBMC HTPC with old Packard Bell PC

Hope someone here can help me out...Im trying to setup an XBMC HTPC using a fairly old Packard Bell
http://tinyurl.com/5vmq3qw http://tinyurl.com/6xgo2hg ..These are the specs...Im not really interested at the moment at upgrading anything yet except the graphics card.Im looking for a cheap board that will run on the mobo with a HDMI output at a reasonable resolution. HD output at 1080i/p would be nice but not essential..Blueray is not needed as I have a PS3. I just want to get a reasonable HTPC setup in the Living room for my wife that will enable her to watch her wide and varied collection of Chick Flicks.
Im using XP as operating system but would be willing to install XBMC from live Cd (Ubuntu) unless there is a driver issue or Vista, as I had both these operating system Installed on this PC...Any help would be appreciated... :) Also anyone know a descent XBMC remote to use ,as the Android app is good but i really want a real remote to play with.

Thanks in advance..
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  1. Any help...I just need a card that will work in Windows Xp on an old PC??
  2. Can't tell from the specs you listed but does this take an AGP video card? If so this card might be what you need.


    However you might take a good look at the TV you are using. If it has composite video, S video or even VGA or HDMI ports you could use those and be able to get away with a cheaper card or even just what the machine already has.
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