How good of a deal did I get?

Just wanted to run this by the readers about what a steal I feel I got recently. They had a special on 5 remaining netbooks, Acer AspireOne D257, had 1 GB of DDR3 RAM, Atom N460 proc, 260 GB HDD... all for 99.99! I upgraded the Windows 7 starter to Home Premium since I had already bought the software for my PC. Upgraded RAM to 2GB DDR PC-13333. Works better and faster than my sister's $500 laptop, not sure of specs. Wally wants $298 for this same netbook now. Right place at right time?
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  1. Good price. Good deal.

    Although I wouldn't pay 100 for an Atom based system, or for that matter a netbook.
  2. They are nice when you travel I have a 17" for cad and so on from work but grab my netbook with me when I only have to email and office programs because of weight difference. Great price Enjoy!
  3. Hmmm. $100 for one of the worst rated netbooks....
    Hey if it does what you want it to do then I'm happy for you.
  4. Lol @ popatim for being pesimistic. Netbooks are awesome doesnt matter which one you get and you can even play games on them just ones made before 2003 :)
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