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[Solved] 120Hz TV Only Displaying 60Hz refresh rate?????

I have a intel m55 motherboard with a I5 processor and a GeForce Nvidia 9500gt video card and am using ddr3 memory. I have a vizio 42" HDMI HDTV monitor and I cannot get it to run on 120hz. it doesn't even show an option for 120hz. What am I missing?
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    TV's can NOT accept a 120Hz input signal; they take a 60Hz signal, look at two frames, and create a filler frame in-between to make 120 seperate frames. Also has the downside of adding a LOT of display lag to the picture, because of all the extra processing done by the TV.
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  3. Thanks, I read that it takes a dual link dvi card to handle 120hz. if this is so than do you connect 2 dvi cables from the monitor to both dvi connections on the card or is there a single connection to dual connection dvi cable that you use?
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